Viva Las Vegas: Sahlen’s is red-hot at Haute Doggery

In Las Vegas, our friends at the Haute Doggery are taking gourmet dogs to a whole new level.

Located in The Linq — the legendary Vegas strip’s retail, dining and entertainment district — Haute Doggery has the feel of a 1950’s diner mixed with modern style and sophistication (which you may have guessed from its name). Haute Doggery serves as a fast-food hangout for those passing by—but with a joint like this, how could you pass by?

Haute Doggery successfully captures the idea of Vegas and retro in one place. In the restaurant, you’ll find the Americana theme all throughout the 1,000 square-foot venue–particularly in the American flag ceiling made of license plates:

Sahlen’s has been the chosen hot dog for Haute Doggery, and to no surprise, the corporate chef grew up eating Sahlen’s.

“Haute Doggery was created to offer a great hot dog experience to guests from all over the country,” says executive chef Meidenbauer. “Our corporate chef grew up in Niagara Falls, so when we opened this venue, bringing Sahlen’s to Las Vegas was undoubtedly the choice.”

Haute Doggery uses Sahlen’s natural casing dogs—but they are by no means just your traditional, ketchup-and-mustard dogs. The hot dog connoisseurs at the Doggery create unique versions of hot dogs that you wouldn’t even imagine.

Take, for example, the Longhorn, the Billionaire Dog and the best-selling Tijuana Dog:

  • The Longhorn (Left): A char-grilled dog topped with smoked beef BBQ brisket, coleslaw, onion rings and pickles.
  • The Billionaire Dog (Center): A grilled Kobe beef frank, topped with Foie Gras torchon, port onion marmalade and truffle mayo.
  • Tijuana Dog (Right): A Deep-fried frank wrapped in bacon, topped with grilled onion, jalapeno and mayo.

The chefs at Haute Doggery prepare the dogs steamed, griddled, char-grilled or deep-fried— and, as you can see, offer a huge variety of crazy toppings to accompany the traditional items.  The joint also serves canned beers and bottled beverages along with freshly made fries and onion rings.

“Although we aim to recreate versions of famous dogs from around the country,” says Meidenbauer, “we want to create our own Vegas versions as well. Holstein’s, our sister hamburger spot, has been the inspiration for many of our creations.”

Western New Yorkers visiting the Las Vegas area go wild about the fact that Sahlen’s can be found on the west coast—and often, make a point to come back for more.

“Customers love the fun vibe, wide variety and great-tasting food,” says Meidenbauer. “We’ve had people come back two to three times during their weekend stay in Las Vegas, just because they love it.”

Next time you’re in the Las Vegas area, be sure to stop by Haute Doggery for a tasty, high-class dog.


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