Spice Up Your Thanksgiving with Sahlen’s Cajun Style Turkey


Tired of the traditional turkey? Spice up your Thanksgiving and give your holiday a kick of flavor with Sahlen’s Cajun Turkey Breast.

Sahlen’s fully cooked Cajun Style Turkey will save you time in the kitchen and give the entire family a meal to love – with authentic Louisiana-style spices that add a zing to your favorite recipes.

Cajun Style Turkey from Sahlen’s is low in fat, with the same amount of sodium as the original turkey breast. Whether paired with your favorite holiday sides, in a sandwich with the leftovers, or eaten plain, Sahlen’s Cajun Style Turkey is the perfect way to add a little spice to the holidays!

Looking for something a little more classic? Sahlen’s oven roasted Smokehouse Turkey Breast is a family favorite that’s sure to impress!

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