Share What’s Good: A Taste of Retro Dog

Sahlen’s home base may be in Western New York, but the company has recently been expanding its presence throughout the country—in this instance, to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Retro Dog is a family-owned dine-in and drive-in restaurant. Their menu features our signature, natural casing hot dogs, skinless dogs, foot longs, and a wide variety of style and toppings (like melted cheese or delicious homemade Coney sauce). Also on their menu are award-winning burgers, locally brewed root beer, and homemade custards and treats.

Retro Dog opened on June 15, 2011. Believing in a motto of “share what’s good,” they chose Sahlen’s right away.

“We had to have Sahlen’s,” says Sean Berrodin, creative director for Retro Dog. “My father grew up in Buffalo and that’s what he has known. Our whole concept was that we wanted nothing but the best—high-quality food and the freshest ingredients for our customers—so we’ve been working with them ever since.”

Retro Dog has become a local favorite around Ohio. Berrodin describes it not as fast food, but rather, good food–fast.

“We may be new to many people, but we’ve established a great following,” Berrodin notes. “Once people taste it, they’re coming back.”

Retro Dog is not your traditional hot dog joint. Where many Ohio residents are used to gas station hot dogs, Retro Dog offers both dine-in and drive-in service—catering to all ages.

“We are family owned and operated, and people appreciate that,” says Berrodin. “We serve several schools around the area, but also serve the senior home close by. We take part in events and are always trying new things. That’s the most exciting part—that everyone can have a fun experience and enjoy our energetic atmosphere.”

Their most popular item, the Retro Dog, features a char-grilled natural casing hot dog, topped with homemade Coney sauce, cheese sauce, and diced onion. Yum.

If you’re traveling through Ohio—and a hot dog fan–Retro Dog is worth the stop. We promise.

Retro Dog is dedicated to providing fresh, made to order classic hot dogs to customers in a fun and clean restaurant environment year round. For more on Retro Dog or their services, visit their menu.


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