Sahlen’s Old Fashioned Smokehouse Ham Returns to Kroger Supermarkets in Ohio


Sahlen’s is proud to announce the return of the Old Fashioned Smokehouse Ham in Kroger Supermarkets throughout Cincinnati and Dayton in Ohio.

The partnership with Kroger Supermarkets will help meet popular consumer demand as well as offering the brand to new customers outside of Western New York.

Sahlen’s is happy to announce that the Old Fashioned Smokehouse Ham will once again be available at Kroger Supermarkets in the Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio area,” Kevin Skovenski, Sahlen’s regional sales manager, says. “It wouldn’t have been possible without all of the local consumer support. Kroger, a valued partner, has recognized our regional relevance to the southern Ohio area.”

Sahlen’s Old Fashioned Smokehouse ham will be available as soon as this week at Kroger Supermarkets in southern Ohio.

With the brand’s products expanding to new cities, new partnerships will continue to form while Sahlen’s stays loyal to its dedicated customers.

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