Sahlen’s Introduces Lower Sodium Old Fashioned Smokehouse Ham


Want the same great taste of Sahlen’s Old Fashioned Smokehouse ham without all of the sodium? Sahlen’s is preparing for summer by introducing a new lower sodium Old Fashioned Smokehouse Ham, helping to meet the dietary needs of its customers without adversely impacting the great taste they are accustomed to enjoying.

The popular Old Fashioned Smokehouse Ham is now available with 40 percent lower sodium than its original flavor, as each two-ounce serving contains 320 milligrams of sodium. It is gluten-free, 96-98% fat free and does not contain any binders, fillers, nitrates or Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

“Given the constantly-changing landscape of dietary needs for many different customers, it was important for Sahlen’s to produce a lower sodium Old Fashioned Smokehouse Ham that can be enjoyed by people with sodium intake restrictions,” said Mark Battistoni, Sahlen’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We applied the same great Sahlen’s tradition that goes into our signature Smokehouse Ham and hot dogs to produce the lower sodium Smokehouse Ham as our newest premium meat product for our loyal deli customers.”

Sahlen’s has already begun shipping the lower sodium Smokehouse Ham, which has a 45-day shelf life, to several retailers throughout Western New York as well as Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“Our manufacturing teams fulfilled the first few orders to Western New York retailers at the beginning of April,” said Battistoni. “The responses have been very strong, as customers have indicated that they are pleased to enjoy the same great taste with the lower sodium level they need. We are increasing production to ensure other retailers can offer it along with other Sahlen’s products.”

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