Sahlen’s in the spotlight: A successful airing on QVC

Come and get your hot dogs.

If you’ve heard the good news, we have proudly announced our new partnership with multinational corporation QVC. Last week, Sahlen’s had the privilege of airing nationwide as a part of the QVC Food Fest.

The live, on-air appearance served as a huge stepping stone for us — even more, for our customers, who can now purchase our products no matter how far they are from Western New York.

“Our customers all over the country will now have a convenient way to purchase our hot dogs on a consistent and affordable basis — and people who have never had the chance to experience a Sahlen hot dog can now easily do so,” said Chris Cauley, V.P. of Sahlen Vending Operations, LLC.

The show aired on Wednesday, Aug. 20 at 4 p.m. QVC based the initial order on experience with similar product introductions, but Sahlen’s selling went a bit differently.

By the end of the show, we sold out, and currently have 80 orders on a wait list.

“We were very thrilled to see that we sold out and exceeded their projections,” said Cauley. “In this business, it’s all about building a solid base and I think so far, we’ve accomplished that.”

Reviews of the product have been excellent. Many come from former Buffalonians who now have access to the product, but the viewing has certainly helped as an introduction to those who haven’t been able to try Sahlen’s.

“It was a great showing, but this is only the beginning,” said Cauley. “We hope this has provided the foundation for more airings and additional products to the QVC lineup down the road.”

QVC Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Interactive Corporation, is the world’s leading video and ecommerce retailer. QVC is committed to providing its customers with thousands of innovative and contemporary products.

Additional information regarding viewings, sales and more products will be available in the weeks ahead. For now, thank you to those who supported our sales — we hope you enjoy your Sahlen’s!


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