Sahlen’s Hot Dogs Now Available at Jack’s Cosmic Dogs


Some of Jack Hurley’s finest childhood memories are of visiting hot dog joints with his friends and family while he was growing up in northwestern New Jersey. These “joints,” as they were called, all hold a special place in his heart, because each one had its own personality, and each one served up happiness to customers the only way they knew how: one dog at a time. So when Jack moved to Charleston, SC, he was struck with the inspiration to open his own joint and bring the happiness of hot dogs to customers down south.

With some hard work and a little entrepreneurial spirit, Jack established Jack’s Cosmic Dogs, an old-fashioned hot dog joint with space-age style and out-of-this-world food. Serving up hot dogs, fresh cut fries, soft-serve custard and root beer on tap, Jack built a reputation for delivering the best hot dogs around, earning rave reviews from food critics like Alton Brown.

This month, we’re proud to announce that Jack’s Cosmic Dogs is now an official partner of Sahlen’s, and they’ll be serving Sahlen’s premium smokehouse hot dogs at all of their South Carolina locations.

We recently caught up with Jack Hurley, the big dog himself, and asked him about his decision to partner with Sahlen’s and why he’s proud to serve our products to his customers.

“The people at Sahlen’s have been extremely easy to work with,” Jack told us. “For me, serving hot dogs has always been about bringing joy to the customer, and they really seem to understand that. I’m very glad to have found a partner that cares as much about my business as they do about their own.”

“And, of course, they make a great hot dog,” he added.

Sahlen’s is very proud to welcome Jack to our family of customers, and we can’t wait to see our dogs served up with his famous bleu cheese cole slaw and sweet potato mustard. If you’re in the South Carolina area, be sure to stop by Jack’s Cosmic Dogs at their Mt. Pleasant location.


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  1. I read you now have Sahlen’s…told my Buffalo NY born and raised husband…His comment…ha..can’t repeat it. He immediately said..we are driving down tomorrow for lunch…we live in North Myrtle. He IS thrilled!!