Sahlen’s Hot Dogs Extends to Gator’s Grilling in Minnesota


Sahlen’s is proud to announce its relationship with Gator’s Grilling, located in Oakdale, Minnesota. The new expansion will enable customers outside of Western New York to purchase the brand’s product.

“The hot dogs are very popular,” Owner Jon Mast explains. “People love them and constantly ask where they come from. After many years, I am ecstatic to finally offer a Buffalo favorite and introduce Sahlen’s to Minnesota.” 

Mast opened Gator’s Liquors, a liquor store in Oakdale, in 2007. To meet the growing needs of his customers, he decided to open a second business, Gator’s Grilling, in June 2016. Gator’s Grilling is located right next to Gator’s Liquors and offers grills, grilling supplies and food.

Mast, a Buffalo native, is part of a Buffalo Bills backing group of about 100 loyal supporters who meet at Tin Shed Tavern in Savage, Minnesota whenever the team plays. Knowing that the majority of these members are from Buffalo, he reached out to Sahlen’s to bring a piece of home to his store.

Lipari Foods, a current distributor of Sahlen’s, will supply the store with Sahlen’s smokehouse hot dogs, adding to a growing list of Buffalo favorites including Chiavetta’s Marinade and Weber’s Mustard.

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