New Smokehouse Reduced Fat Hot Dogs


At company headquarters in Buffalo, NY, we operate a state-of-the-art processing facility which we continually update and expand to satisfy customer demands for our premium quality meat products.

Still Sahlen family owned and operated, we continue our dedication to the old-fashioned idea of providing you with the finest products available.

As the fifth generation Sahlen enters the business, we pledge our commitment to offer you our best.


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  1. Brian, I moved out of Buffalo in 1997. Lived in Virginia near Virginia Beach and now in Huntersville. I have been to many Buffalo themed raruetsants since my move. Some really good and some horrible. All of the horrible raruetsants had one thing in common and one thing only. They started hiring people from down South. Nothing wrong with that, its just they do not know how to put that special touch on Buffalo food. I would try and stay away from hiring to many workers from the South. Oh and please do not serve ranch dressing with the chicken wings. LOL ..See ya soon ..There should’nt even be ranch dressing in the Doghouse. Wish you many years of luck. P.S. Do you have the exact date of your opening???????