Let’s Go Buffalo!


It’s been a long, hockey-less winter in Western New York. For 113 days, it felt like a piece of our city was missing due to the NHL lockout.

As hockey fans, we missed out on a total of 625 regular season games, and our hockey hearts broke a little bit each time a “talk” was unsuccessful.

Yesterday, that all changed as our boys in blue and gold stepped onto the ice.

The First Niagara Center was flooded with fans, the Sabretooth returned with his usual antics, and this year, the Sahlen’s hot dogs were served hot and fresh as the Official Hot Dog of the Buffalo Sabres.

The hits were hard, the hot dogs were delicious, the “Let’s Go Buffalo” chants were loud and proud, and the final buzzer sounded with a Sabres victory of 5-2!

Welcome back, NHL! We missed you.


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