Crossing the Mississippi: Sahlen’s Hot Dogs now available at Fry’s Food Stores in Arizona


First south, now west: Sahlen’s Hot Dogs’ geographic footprint continues to grow.

Sahlen’s is thrilled to announce that its signature Smokehouse Hot Dogs are now available in various Fry’s food stores in Arizona.

On the heels of the recent news that the Western New York favorite is available at Harris Teeter locations throughout the metro Charlotte, North Carolina region, Sahlen’s is excited to now be available in 119 Fry’s Food Stores throughout Arizona.

The expansion to Arizona marks Sahlen’s first retail venture west of the Mississippi.

“Hot dogs in Western New York are generally consumed during the summer, so selling in this market helps reduce the seasonality of our product,” said Mark Battistoni, Sahlen’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Residents in Charlotte, Florida, Arizona, etc., have more grilling opportunities from December to March. We want people who have left Buffalo to be able to enjoy our product year-round.”

Arizona residents are no strangers to Sahlen’s. Ted’s Hot Dogs — another Buffalo institution — has served Sahlen’s in its Tempe outpost since 1983.

Ted’s success in Tempe helped influence Sahlen’s decision to expand to Fry’s Food stores. A member of the Cincinnati, Ohio-based Kroger Co., Fry’s Food Stores is one of the nation’s largest retailers and operates over 125 food and drug centers in the Grand Canyon state.

“We’re used to marketing to the Buffalo community in Western New York, but now we’re looking to reach our other Buffalo-type markets,” said Battistoni. “We hope to grow our out-of-town retail offering and extend our grilling season through the entire 12-month period.”

Stay tuned for more-the demand of Sahlen’s from devoted fans across America continue to grow as more states begin to introduce Sahlen’s to their grocery stores.

Don’t forget to vote for Sahlen’s! Voting continues in QVC’s Customers Choice Awards, where Sahlen’s Smokehouse Hot Dogs have been nominated as Best Newcomer and Best Grilling Food. Votes can be cast here.

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