Sahlen’s Products Now Available at Dave’s Markets in Cleveland, OH

When customers in Ohio got a taste of Sahlen’s famous smokehouse hot dogs and deli meats, they knew they’d found a new favorite. In fact, they were so taken by our outstanding flavor that they started asking for our products by name at their local supermarkets – and they wouldn’t stop until their favorite dogs and deli meats were available for purchase in their home towns. Luckily for them, the local folks at Dave’s Markets heard them loud and clear. Now, Sahlen’s is proud to officially announce that our premium quality hot dogs and deli meats will be served at Dave’s Markets’ locations across Ohio. We recently caught up with Vince McDonough from Dave’s and he told us that, “for a long time, the Ohio area was home to a lot of the big national hot dog names like Oscar Meyer, and people had never heard of Sahlen’s.” But when Retro Dog opened its doors between Cleveland and Akron, OH …Continue Reading