Sahlen’s is the Top Dog

Buffalo Spree Magazine recently set up a taste test of hot dogs in the Buffalo area. The test not only included hot dogs produced and available throughout Western New York. Seven products were tested for taste, texture, “snap,” skin and seasoning. In the blind taste test, samples of each hot dog were char-grilled and Spree’s panel of seven judges were asked to rate each category on a scale from 1 to 5. Some judges opted to eat their hot dogs with buns, others opted for the hot dog without outside flavor influence. According to the panel, Sahlen’s natural casing hot dog was the undisputed winner. “The winner came out on top in taste and seasoning and was seen as more flavorful and tightly encased than the others,” wrote Margaret Toohey. “It also lacked the general mushiness some dogs have.” The panel, who consisted of Buffalo-area business people, arts executives and a caterer, were unanimous in deciding what Western New York have …Continue Reading


JJ’s Red Hots Creates Joy – One Hot Dog at a Time!

Sahlen’s has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My first hot dog memories are quick flashes of red and yellow neon and brick from the Ted’s on Sheridan Drive. This was back in the early 70’s. My parents would take my sister Tiffany and I there for hot dogs in the Chevy. (Then we’d roll on over to Andersen’s for cinnamon custard and wild black cherry ice cream, but that’s a whole ‘nother story). But these weren’t just ordinary hot dogs. They were char-broiled, which gave the casing a crispy, chewy crunch. That crunch would give way to a wholesome smokiness, which – combined with the Weber’s mustard, relish and onions – created a transformational experience in my young impressionable mind that has stayed with me and will stay with me forever. I can only describe it as pure joy. We eventually moved away form Buffalo, but when we would go to visit, Sahlen’s hot dogs …Continue Reading


Let’s Go Buffalo!

It’s been a long, hockey-less winter in Western New York. For 113 days, it felt like a piece of our city was missing due to the NHL lockout.

As hockey fans, we missed out on a total of 625 regular season games, and our hockey hearts broke a little bit each time a “talk” was unsuccessful.

Yesterday, that all changed as our boys in blue and gold stepped onto the ice. Continue reading