Bison’s outfielder Anthony Gose steals home!

Anthony Gose steals home | Buffalo Bisons

Anthony Gose, the Buffalo Bisons right fielder and Toronoto Blue Jays prospect is fast- very fast.  Last night during the Bison’s 6-4 win over the Norfolk Tides, Anthony Gose stole home plate- an incredibly daring and aggressive feat that is very rarely attempted.

Stealing home plate is a statistic that is not officially recorded.  There is; however, excellent research and reporting done by Baseball Reference and Baseball Almanac who are responsible for gathering the data and crunching the numbers on elusive statistics like stealing home plate.

According to Baseball-Reference, 36 major-league players attempted to steal home plate last year in 2012.  32 of these steals fall under the category of attempted squeeze-bunt attempts and double-steals (past balls).  One attempt resulted in the runner getting picked-off at third base.

There were only three straight steals of home plate attempted.  Two were successful.  Only two!

In a post-game interview, Anthony Gose explains that he was able to take advantage of the pitchers long windup and a generous lead off of third base.  His calculation and cunning paid off.  As the official Hot Dog of the Buffalo Bisons, Sahlen’s would like to congratulate Anthony on his amazing performance!

If you missed the exciting video, you can watch the footage here.


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